The campus



School buildings as a whole (lighting, classroom layout, furniture, fabrics etc.) play a part in students’ psychological and physical well-being.
The relationship between educational and pedagogical aims and architecture is very close, leading to the redefinition of classrooms where flexibility is a prominent feature.


At the BBSchool, there are many spaces of different sizes, where small and bigger groups can work depending on the type of activity to be done (individual study, group work, research).
So learning is made real thanks to spaces which have a flexible and different layout, as well as new multimedia tools (IWB, computers, tablets etc.).

Teaching spaces in the BBSchool have been designed with knowledge-sharing, research, reflection and cooperation in mind; spaces have been organised to facilitate different individual learning rhythms and times, allowing other activities to go on at the same time.

An environment which is psychologically stimulating also helps the students to feel a sense of belonging to the school and its spaces, becoming part of their identity.

The 18000 metres squared park serve sas a permanent open-air laboratory. We have a greenhouse dedicated to gardening, a minifootball pitch with artificial turf, a large nursery garden including a 120 metres squared covered play area as well as a separate playground space in the park for the older children.

The addition of a large gym hall in 2017 will complete our outdoor spaces.