Your Bilingual School


You can only understand the value of your roots by embarking on a quest for knowledge of other cultures. In the firm belief of this credo, BBSchool adheres to the Italian National Guidelines for Schools and gained accreditation by the Italian government in 2014. The environment at school is one of an international atmosphere, where a multi- disciplinary approach is maintained in both English and Italian. This, for us, is a fundamental part of our school ethos.



Our secondary school’s path is supplemented with the Cambridge International Programme for Science, Maths and English.

All these subjects will be taught entirely in English, in order to help pupils develop their informed curiosity and a long-lasting passion for learning.

Subjects’ interdisciplinary character together with methodological variety assures a sound cultural basis and mental agility. These two elements help grow pupils who are able to think, work and communicate in two languages.

At the end of the third year, BBSchool students will obtain their Italian secondary school Diploma together with their Cambridge Examinations Secondary 1 check points.