Our Trip to the Blind Institute in Milan


Our Trip to the Blind Institute in Milan

Middle school had an amazing experience when we went to the Blind Institute. We were invited to the Blind institute to experience what being a blind person might be like, how they feel, how they move around without seeing and how they do their everyday activities.


We were called in groups to start the activity. Our guide wasn’t completely blind:

he could recognize light, dark and different shades. He explained to us how we should act when we were in the darkness. They gave us some sticks for blind people so it would be easier to walk and move around.


One of the main things we learned was that we had to trust people, even when we couldn’t see anything. Another thing we learned was to use our other senses. In our everyday life, we mainly use our sight to move around. Here, we had to use our hearing, touch, smell and even taste!


We had to recognize sounds that surrounded us, like birds chirping or the flow of water. We used our touch to find different objects lying around the place and this helped us to not fall anywhere. This was very fun because it was like a game. We used our smell to tell what was around us, like moss or grass.

For our last sense, taste, at the end of the path, we found a bar. Still in complete darkness, we could order drinks and then sit down at the table.

Finally, we could ask some questions to our guide about how he does things, how he comes to his job, how he can recognize the road without seeing it?


We have learned a lot of things about how blind people live, about our other senses and that every sense is as important as any of them. This has been a very interesting and productive activity. It is an experience that middle school students will never forget!


By Daria and Giulia (Middle School 1)