Academic Results

Academic results

Education at BBS can be looked at from different points of view; didactic, human, social, emotional and cultural. We use many different tools to evaluate progress, we do not rely on end of year results but use constant observation, certification and feedback. That said, finial tests fom different institutions can be a useful indicator of students’ academic performance.

At BBS we are extremely proud of our students’ performance in Cambridge Checkpoint tests and Italian Invalsi tests. These excellent results reflect quality of the hard work that the students have produced They also demonstrate the effectiveness of an educational method that stimulates teachers, pupils and families to achieve the required objectives.


Pass rate

2000 +

Exams taken

300 +


As shown by the Invalsi data in tables A, A.2, B e B.2,BBS Primary  pupils scored higher than the national average in Maths and Italian. For Middle School students tables C and C2 show a distribution of results in the higher levels in Italian and Maths and a reading and listening level of A2 in English.

Table E shows the excellent results BBS Primary gained in the Cambridge Checkpoints, in English, Mathematics and Science, in line with an international average.