Methodological Approach

Methodological Approach

At BBS our methodological approach has been created by a team of experts in pedagogy and is delivered by a highly trained body of teachers. We are able to keep pace with teaching and strategic methodologies that are constantly being updated.

​BBS is not merely a school where subjects are taught in 2 languages, it is to all effects and purposes, a British school set within the Italian system. A truly bilingual school. For BBS  bilingualism is not just getting better at another language. It means that English is fully integrated into the school with over 80% of teaching time in English.

We also integrate the Italian school programme with the Cambridge International Programme to create curricula that get the best from a domestic and an international perspective with all the related advantages and opportunities.



This double presentation of teaching through Cambridge and the Italian curriculum prepares our students mentally for the challenges that lie ahead. They develop a curiosity and a passion for future adventures.


The variety within the methodology and the transversal nature of the subjects creates a solid cultural base. Pupils develop“elasticity” in their thinking that stays with them as they grow, think and communicate in two languages.

Active Learning

“Active Learning”, “Flipped Classroom”, “Cooperative Learning” and “Team Working” are some of the strategies that create a stimulating and engaging school environment; one where the student is firmly at its centre.

An inter disciplinary approach builds the foundations of our school, which, along with language abilities, are made up of the humanities and scientific-mathematical subjects.

BBS uses teaching methods consolidated in an international arena, such as the use of labs to explore knowledge in particular subject areas. Our students engage in proper debates, a practice that is widespread in British and American schools. Debating enhances cooperative learning and peer education. It develops transversal skills such as critical thinking, research methods and organisation. It teaches students how to organise and put across a point of view in a coherent and structured discussion. The final objective is to develop communication skills, as well as to help students learn to work in teams and collaborate with others. Learning and creative thought come together through solid linguistic abilities, both in Italian and in English.

Students possess a mastery of two languages which enables them to achieve a high level varied skill set.