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Early childhood is a crucial moment is a person’s life. It is the time we begin to know and understand the world, other people and ourselves. The skill set we need to live in the 21st Century; cognitive, social, emotional and physical, are for the most part formed in the first months of our lives.

BBS Nursery School was founded with the knowledge that positive affects from a bilingual environment can be seen in the first months of a child’s life. At BBS Nursery learning English comes about gradually and naturally, though continual exposure to the language in a peaceful and safe environment. Here children are encouraged to develop their abilities and discover the world around them.


Daily routines and different teaching activities are organised according to the Early Learning Goals in the British Curriculum. Every activity is done in English by qualified and highly motivated teachers. They create a welcoming, caring and  age appropriate environment focused on the needs of the children.

At BBS Nursery classes are divided by age: pre-K (6 months – 2 years), Kindergarten (2-3 years), Little Ones (3-4 years), Mini Transition (4-5 years), Transition (5-6 years). 

From Mini Transition children are introduced to simple tools in order to begin developing their logical/ maths skills. Transition class is based on the British model and is the introductory year for the Primary School. Children begin pre-writing and pre-reading skills using the UK phonics system. This system means that children learn the English phonemes in a fun and interesting way.

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BBS proposes a learning method that is creative, imaginative and enthusiastic all delivered in English. Our activities include story-telling, cooking and gardening. Child take part in  creative workshops in arts & crafts, music, drama and dance. We include sporting activities such as gymglish (gym in English) and swimming. Exploration, play and fun become tools to develop creativity and transversal skills creating a solid base for future learning.


Tools and objectives

The BBS Nursery is a flexible, open environment. It is stimulus rich and is able to give each child concrete possibilities to try out their own abilities and express their own creativity. Teachers in this environment are highly motivated and caring. They create a warm, trusting and stimulating environment,

At BBS we develop specific age appropriate objectives to develop personal growth within children. Hand in hand with communication in English is the growth of creative and physical skills.

Long term we want to help children become self assured, social, respectful, autonomous and happy!

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    Being a teacher at the BBS Nursery is a highly demanding and highly rewarding job! You need to bring out the physical and emotional development of each child, as well as promote language acquisition from an early age. Teachers take care of the children with sensitivity, patience, responsibility and enthusiasm.

    BBS offers its teachers real possibilities for professional development both in terms of developing one’s own skill set, as well as in terms of growth within the BBS school system.

    Roles and responsibilities

    BBS Teachers are asked to develop a collaborative relationship with colleagues and families to help the development of the children in their care.

    Teachers interact with children solely in English and maintain a high degree of care regarding their wellbeing, socialisation and education within a loving and trusting environment. Cooperation with all members of the school team (teaching and support staff) is vital to maintain a well organised and efficient school.

    Each BBS teacher works with colleagues to create an environment that focuses on physical and social development of the children in relation to their age and needs. Objectives and activities are aligned with those of the Primary School in order to provide cohesion in the educational path of our students.

    The job of a BBS Nursery teacher is to provide educational stability coupled with carefully planned activities.

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