• Pupils at BBS are required to wear the school uniform. This choice is driven by a desire to create a sense of professionalism and seriousness. Wearing a uniform creates an environment where respecting rules can be seen from the first instance moment a person appears.

    Each member of BBS is part of the school community and, by wearing a uniform, signals their sense of belonging. In this way we create a safe space for our students. We do not see wearing a uniform as a denial of individual expression, but rather as a way to express yourself completely within an academic and teaching context.

  • BBS provides a school bus service for Bergamo Brescia and Milan hinterland.

    A secure route from home to school and back again is an extra guarantee for families. It also means that as a school we are helping to safeguard our environment by allowing fewer cars on the roads.

  • BBS offers a canteen service for school lunches, providing meals that are well balanced and nutritious in keeping with ministerial health & safety guidelines.

    Top quality organic materials are locally sourced by our lunch providers. We believe that children should have a healthy, positive attitude towards food and as such provide meals that encourage them to try new flavours and experiences.

    Dietary restrictions are catered for.

After School Clubs

Everyone has hidden talents and interest that should be explored and developed. At BBS we offer a wide range of After School clubs that stimulate and develop interests and hobbies amongst our students. We aim to develop a passion amongst our pupils from the earliest age! Our After School activities promote socialisation amongst children through activities that are fully integrated into academic life. We help them develop self-confidence, discipline and a sense of responsibility. The choice to attend an After School Club means that children will be guided to explore their own potential.

All the activities are lead by specialised tutors from MP Studio – the art of learning

  • beginners dance
  • beginners music
  • piano
  • violin (with English mother-tongue teacher)
  • guitar
  • drama
  • judo

Summer Camp

During the summer months BBS offers its own Summer Camp. Our aim to continue to develop linguistic skills, by offering structured activities that are fun!

Camp is run exclusively  by English Mother Tongue teachers and groups are based on age and linguistic ability. Our camp is held in our large school grounds and we make the best of our inside and outside spaces. It is a summer camp with an International flavour, more like the American or British version of what camp is.

Learning and enjoyment go hand in hand as children do activities in Art, Science, Sport and Social Studies. We have large swimming pools to make the most of the summer heat, organise different day trips once a week and end the camp with a pizza/ film night.

Children are at school but not at school as they socialise with different school mates.