Life on Campus

Learning is enhanced by the beauty and functionality of our sorroundings



Our surroundings enhance and encourage sports, research, laboratory work and artistic creation.

Is there a link between learning and your enviroment?

We believe that our physical space impacts considerably in defining a positive environment that contributes to physical and mental wellbeing. This has shaped how we have chosen to create our school. There is a close relationship between our didactic and pedagogical philosophy and the actual space in which our learning happens.

Can design be conductive to learning?

The spaces at BBS are designed to be functional for the different needs of the individuals within it. The school is projected to be a growing entity with spaces that can be transformed as our own teaching and learning requirements dictate. Our aim in the creation of the surroundings is to achieve one goal: that the spaces here lead to an improvement in the quality of life within the school. Our surroundings are such that they allow us to share, work together, stimulate and enhance dynamic learning.

Which tools do we use?

Many different demands are placed on the school; at any given time pupils might be working independently or in groups, inside or outside. To help them develop different skills (athletic, artistic and technological) we have chosen to use state of the art technological tools and multimedia support. These extra tools mean our students can develop their interests and learning to the full.

Can beauty be functional?

As well as being fit for purpose, the spaces at BBS have one other vital criteria; they are beautiful! Beauty and harmony go hand in hand to influence physical and mental wellbeing and provide positive emotions for our students. Their learning is strengthened and a true feeling of belonging is created within our walls.

Where can this be found?

The original school is at the foot of the hills in Scanzorosciate, set within age old grounds of 18,000 mq.

Discover the activities

  • A love of reading
  • Research and technology
  • Sport and teamwork
  • Performing Arts and Language Development
  • Outdoor education

A love of reading

Our library is a place for the pupils to carry out research, experiments and investigations. It has been designed specifically with an eye to both supporting learning and stimulating a love of reading.

The library is a modular space, divided by linguistic ability as well as by genre. It works to develop autonomy in the children when it comes to researching and consulting the books.

Learning and research, classrooms and library, each of these are interwoven at BBS. As well as its own library corner, each classroom has an Interactive Smart Board meaning the latest technology can be used at any time to enhance lesson content.

Pupils are also encouraged to read by telling us what their favourite books are so that we can regularly update our library catalogue.

Research and technology

Thanks to the Science and Tinkering Lab, BBS students can experience an approach to the scientific method that really encourages a hands-on experience. They develop their critical abilities in experiments and understand how to produce verifiable and trustworthy results. Objectives taught within our Biology, Chemistry and Physics curricula can be tried out in the Science Lab thanks to state of the art technology

Our creative and technology labs are a fundamental part of our belief in learning by doing. We know that the skills that are important to life today become much more tangible when the pupils discover  them with a hands-on approach.

Sport and teamwork

The relationship between physical health and mental wellbeing is an important motivator at BBS when it comes to the activities and spaces dedicated to sports.

From Ski to Badminton, sport is a vital tool at BBS that we implement in order to work on each student’s individuality. Each person is encouraged to challenge themselves so they can know themselves better and grow in self-confidence. They learn what they can achieve and what their own limits are by setting themselves objectives and aiming to achieve them.

Sports of course are important as a group activity and at BBS we encourage our students to feel a sense of sharing and belonging to a team.

Performing Arts and Language Development

Drama, Music and Dance are disciplines that enhance a person’s exploration of their own sensibilities as well as aids to develop verbal and nonverbal communication. Theories and practice of the Performing Arts develop communication and expression. They combine sound, movement, mime and physicality. They allow even the most timid person to be free to express themselves and to grow in self-esteem. The activities at BBS involve both individual and group work. Everybody is able to express and share their creativity.

Outdoor education

BBS has a vegetable garden and outdoor classroom equipped with interactive boards and desks within our large school garden. The advantages of outdoor education are tied to the creation of a peaceful and healthy environment. This means students concentrate more and develop a more positive attitude towards lessons and study.
Close contact with nature at school age has shown that children grow with a keen sense of the natural world they live in. Here we encourage respect for the environment and support an eco-friendly approach. Using the outdoor spaces shows students that learning is not confined to classroom walls, but that it can be achieved in any environment.