Educational Journey


Education is a journey

At BBS education is not considered a given; it is not a goal and it is not a reward.
For us education is a journey.
It is a journey of discovery, a continuation along a shared road. It is the culmination of advancement and progress. It is a journey you never undertake alone. Students travel with their classmates. They are guided, encouraged and motivated by their teachers. They are supported by their families. It is a journey, not a race, where each of us goes at our own speed, stopping at places that most grab our attention.
Like any journey obstacles are in our way that need to be overcome. How? Thanks to teamwork. Together we can build bridges and figure out shortcuts that take us where we want to go. And yes it can be hard. But at BBS education is a unique journey that, if undertaken with courage and dedication, can take you anywhere. It is a journey that can lead you to be the very best version of yourself.

The educational journey

At BBS we believe that, in terms of academic achievement, success of efficient and productive learning is determined by the importance given to the process rather than the results. This is why BBS encourages students to enjoy themselves while they are learning. At BBS we emphasise the joy and pleasure to be had from learning. At BBS we emphasise the joy and pleasure to be had from learning. Our students develop their curiosity and desire to know the world around them more deeply.

Our whole learning process has the pupils at its heart, with teachers and families as essential stakeholders. Students are not asked to base their whole learning on the approval of a teacher, but are asked to view their teachers as examples to follow when they want to formulate their ideas. We encourage the pupils to learn from their mistakes to help them shape their path. BBS teachers show pupils that gratification from their learning does not only come with the final result, but that a sense of achievement and satisfaction can be drawn at any time as they develop their learning.

The support of families is vital to this idea. They show their children that achievement comes from hard work and good results. Families help reinforce the idea that tenacity and perseverance are just as important as getting good marks, if not more so! This value based system shows students that at BBS, the journey is as important as the destination.