Abroad Integrated Programme

An overview

At BBS our academic programme offers all our students from Primary to Middle School the change to experience student life outside Italy, with long stay trips to the UK. We feel that these programmes respond to the needs of young people today, who want to widen their cultural experiences.

They learn to forge new relationships and at the same time grow academically and personally. They learn to become autonomous and start to appreciate their own worth.


What to expect

A.I.P. is the cornerstone of an educational journey that combines academic skills with mental and physical wellbeing.

As well as enhancing academic skills and language abilities, students who go abroad to study develop a positive sense of the future. They are more flexible and are able to handle stress more effectively. They come to an understanding of who they are and what they can achieve.

Mixing with peers from other cultures, within a different academic system in the context of a new social and cultural environment stimulates the growth of emotional intelligence. Pupils use these experiences to draw on their own resources and come to understand themselves and what they are able to do so much better.

A.I.P. is an integral part of the BBS vision and is tailored differently for different age groups. It ranges from trips with classmates to independent home stays with home tuition. There is even the opportunity to stay in a British boarding School.